Why Genefill Contour?

Genefill contour hydrates and revives the skin with firmness and elasticity, enhancing natural proportions and respecting the original body contour.

Genefill is designed to provide natural effects, in addition to smooth and even application.

The double cross-linking technology provides extended longevity and stability of the product as it is especially formulated for body contouring.

This is especially beneficial because of the high dynamic areas where this product is injected. This double cross-linking maintains the stability of the product within the treated area.

After 18-24 months, when 50% of the product may have been naturally reabsorbed by the body (individual results may vary), a top up may be required to maintain the original results.

mybumlift.com | Dr Giorgia Ratta | Cosmetic Clinic
mybumlift.com | Dr Giorgia Ratta | Cosmetic Clinic

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